If you’re planning to attend AGU 2021, be sure check out the following sessions and presentations:

  • A14H-03 - “How unprecedented was the February 2021 Texas cold snap?” This will be a lightning talk by James on Monday 12/13 at 2:36PM in eLightning Theater I
  • GC42C-08 - “The Risks of Energy Shortfalls considering Temperature Extremes, Wind and Solar Energy for the Texas Energy Grid Using a Novel Space-Time Simulation Model”. This will be a presentation by Upmanu Lall (Columbia University) on Thursday 12/16 at 10:25AM in Room 208-210.
  • H25U-1265 - “Operationalizing Bayesian Model Checking for Robust Decision Making: Insights from House Elevation”. This will be a poster by James on Tuesday 12/14 from 4:00-6:00PM in the poster hall (area D-F).
  • H32J-04 - “Distributed Water and Wastewater Infrastructure System for Climate Change Adaption: A Case Study in the City of Lumberton, NC.” This will be a lighting talk by Xiangnan Zhou (Rice) on Wednesday 12/15 at 9:54AM in eLightning Theater IV.
  • James is a session chair for H44G (presentations on Thursday 12/16 from 2:30-3:45PM in Rooms 243-245) and H45V (poster): “Water and Society: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Hydroclimatic Forecasting for Water Resources Decision Making”